Hi, I am Nilofar.

I have been working as a programmer for more than three years now, and the one thing that I learned in these three years is that there are new things I learn every day. I have realized that there are so many small and big problems I am solving every day as part of my job that I can not actually keep track of them. And most often than not, after few days I will forget the problem and its solution.

Not being able to record all this interesting knowledge that I have been acquiring was getting frustrating. So one day I decided I should keep a diary to write these problems, solutions and the journey to reach the solution – Diary of a Programmer. Then it occurred to me, why keep the diary when I can blog it.

Diary of a Programmer is stories of my days, our days as developers. Stories of the excitement, the frustration, the fun and the struggle we all go through every day as developers. And above all, Diary of a Programmer is stories about Learning.

I will be sharing the problem I faced or solved or new thing I learned on a day. I will be sharing what it means to be a programmer, a girl programmer. There will be blogs with anecdotes, educational blogs, case study blogs with code and much more.

Mostly these blogs will revolve around OO Principles, SOLID Principles, and Design Patterns because I am passionate about creating better-designed applications.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be posting a new blog every week. I am looking forward to seeing you here.