Single Responsibility, Duplication, and Minimalism

Having just enough is called Minimalism. I was watching this documentary on Netflix called Minimalism.┬áIt has featured multiple people who claim to be minimalist, talking about how minimalism has changed their lives. Let me start off by saying that everyone should watch this documentary. It highlights rather vividly how pathetic materialism is making us and … Continue reading Single Responsibility, Duplication, and Minimalism

Auditing Framework at Your Disposal

A teaspoon of Mediator with a pinch of Decorator and you got yourself a perfect auditing framework. Auditing, just like any other cross cutting concerns as logging, validations and exception handling, is what every application need in some form. No matter if you are working on Java or .Net, creating an enterprise application or a … Continue reading Auditing Framework at Your Disposal

Things I do in my personal life because I am a programmer

We all have used camel case hash tags!! #MoreReadable There are so many things that I do because I am a programmer, from using inspect element to see the saved passwords on Chrome (tend to forget my password often), to typing complete spellings while texting(nothing is more annoying than people who use abbreviation for every … Continue reading Things I do in my personal life because I am a programmer